MGB/C Steelcraft Reproduction Panels

Steelcraft Inner Body Panels

Key Part Number Description Price - UK £ inc.vat
MB100 MB100 S/Member Bump Stop Mtg £8.95
MB102 MB102 Rear Axle Pedestal £3.95
MB105 MB105 Pedal Box Cover Chrome £69.90
MB17 MB17L Reinf W/Arch To Pedal Box LH £14.75
  MB17R Reinf W/Arch To Pedal Box RH £14.75
MB19 MB19L Splash Plate Painted LH £2.30
  MB19R Splash Plate Painted RH £2.30
  MB19SL Splash Plate S/Steel LH £9.75
  MB19SR Splash Plate S/Steel RH £9.75
MB20 MB20L Splash Shield Flange LH £3.45
  MB20R Splash Shield Flange RH £3.45
MB21 MB21L Floor Panel 3 Synchro LH £94.50
  MB21R Floor Panel 3 Synchro RH £94.50
  MB21AL Floor Assy 4 Synchro LH £68.50
  MB21AR Floor Assy 4 Synchro RH £68.50
  MB21L Floor Panel 3Synchro LH £94.50
  MB21R Floor Panel 3Synchro RH £94.50
MB27 MB27L Top Repair Plate For MB17 LH £9.90
  MB27R Top Repair Plate For MB17 RH £9.90
MB31 MB31 X Member End Repair £2.95
MB40 MB40 Boot Floor £87.75
MB50 MB50L Boot Floor Outer LH £15.75
  MB50R Boot Floor Outer RH £15.75
MB51 MB51 Front Wing Top Repair £17.50
MB52 MB52L Dash Side Lwr Repair LH £9.25
  MB52R Dash Side Lwr Repair RH £9.25
MB55 MB55L Rr W/Arch Outer Repair LH £18.98
  MB55R Rr W/Arch Outer Repair RH £18.98
MB56 MB56L Rr Chassis Rr Rep. Chrome LH £73.50
  MB56R Rr Chassis Rr Rep. Chrome RH £73.50
MB57 MB57L Rr Chassis Rr Rep. Rubber LH £77.50
  MB57R Rr Chassis Rr Rep. Rubber RH £77.50
MB58 MB58AL Clsg Rr S/Member Rubber LH £15.80
  MB58AR Clsg Rr S/Member Rubber RH £15.80
  MB58L Clsg Rr S/Member Chrome LH £15.80
  MB58R Clsg Rr S/Member Chrome RH £15.80
MB60 MB60L Rr W/Arch Outer LH £77.50
  MB60R Rr W/Arch Outer RH £77.50
MB63 MB63 Support Radiator Duct £17.25
MB64 MB64 Radiator Duct £52.50
MB65 MB65 Reinf Bonnet Lock P/Form £13.95
MB66 MB66 Bonnet Lock Platform £36.75
MB67 MB67L Dash Side 14inch LH £31.50
  MB67R Dash Side 14inch RH £31.50
MB68 MB68L Dash Side Side Repair LH £13.90
  MB68R Dash Side Side Repair RH £13.90
MB71 MB71L Floor Outer Repair LH £23.95
  MB71R Floor Outer Repair RH £23.95
MB77 MB77 Rr Inner W/Arch Repair £29.75
MB85 MB85 Cross Member Centre £48.50
MB91 MB91L Heelboard Ext LH £12.50
  MB91R Heelboard Ext RH £12.50
MB92 MB92 Battery Cover Twin 6 Volt £29.75
MB93 MB93 Battery Cover One 12 Volt £14.95
MB94 MB94L Painted Cover Disc Brake LH £6.95
  MB94R Painted Cover Disc Brake RH £6.95
  MB94SL S/Steel Cover Disc Brake LH £13.85
  MB94SR S/Steel Cover Disc Brake RH £13.85
MB95 MB95 Spare Wheel Clamp Rostyle £11.95
MB96 MB96 Spare Wheel Clamp Wire Wheel £11.95
MB97 MB97L Frt Inner Wing Repair LH £37.60
  MB97R Frt Inner Wing Repair RH £37.60
MB98 MB98 Rr Exh Mtg Brkt £4.45
MB99 MB99 Axle Differential Cover (Tube) £59.95

Steelcraft Outer Body Panels

Key Part Number Description Price - UK £ inc.vat
MB10 MB10 Frt Valance No Vents To 1972 £54.75
MB101 MB101 Rr Wing End Below Lamp (Ch) £11.17
MB104 MB104L Finisher Door Face GT LH £8.89
  MB104R Finisher Door Face GT RH £8.89
MB11 MB11 Frt Valance With Vent Holes £54.37
MB12 MB12 Front Valance Rubber £58.49
MB15 MB15L Frt Wing Lower LH £37.95
  MB15R Frt Wing Lower RH £37.95
MB16 MB16L Frt Wing Lwr Repair LH £21.89
  MB16R Frt Wing Lwr Repair RH £21.89
MB22 MB22L Step Sill Repair (4ft) LH £23.95
  MB22R Step Sill Repair (4ft) RH £23.95
MB23 MB23L Sill Closing Panel LH £25.95
  MB23R Sill Closing Panel RH £25.95
MB24 MB24L Castle Rail LH £43.95
  MB24R Castle Rail RH £43.95
MB25 MB25 Castle Rail Repair 2ft Section £12.95
MB26 MB26L Sill End Filler LH £3.25
  MB26R Sill End Filler RH £3.25
MB28 MB28L S/Steel Over Sill LH £33.48
  MB28R S/Steel Over Sill RH £33.48
MB29 MB29 S/Steel Finisher Strip £16.95
MB30 MB30 Reinf Jacking S/Member £3.25
MB32 MB32 Jacking Point £9.75
MB33 MB33L Door Skin LH £57.95
  MB33R Door Skin RH £57.95
MB36 MB36L Rr Wing Repair Frt Lwr LH £22.95
  MB36R Rr Wing Repair Frt Lwr RH £22.95
MB37 MB37L Rear Wing Repair Lwr Half LH £87.50
  MB37R Rear Wing Repair Lwr Half RH £87.50
MB41 MB41 Rr Valance Lwr Half Chrome £74.80
MB45 MB45 Rr Valance Lwr Half Rubber £84.50
MB46 MB46L Door Bottom Repair LH £23.59
  MB46R Door Bottom Repair RH £23.59
MB47 MB47 Door Bottom Centre Repair £4.31
MB48 MB48L Outer Sill LH £46.95
  MB48R Outer Sill RH £46.95
MB49 MB49/C MGC S/Steel Tread Plate £10.75
  MB49/GT MGBGT S/Steel Tread Plate £10.75
  MB49/MG MG Logo S/Steel Tread Plate £10.75
  MB49/MGB MGB S/Steel Tread Plate £12.75
  MB49/V8 V8 S/Steel Tread Plate £12.75
MB53 MB53 Body Rr Lower Chrome Tourer £118.15
MB59 MB59L B Post Lower Repair LH £9.36
  MB59R B Post Lower Repair RH £9.36
MB61 MB61 Body Rr Lower Rubber Tourer £101.85
MB62 MB62 Body Rr Lower Rubber GT £99.90
MB70 MB70L Mtg Brkt Window Channel LH £11.95
  MB70R Mtg Brkt Window Channel RH £11.95
MB72 MB72 Frt No Plate Backing UK £3.37
  MB72S Frt S/S No Plate Backing UK £6.95
MB73 MB73 Number Plates £3.37
  MB73S Rr S/S No Plate Backing Chrome £10.82
MB75 MB75S Rr S/S No Plate Backing GT R/B £13.50
MB76 MB76 Body Rr Lower Chrome GT £115.34
MB86 MB86SL Rr Bumper Infill S/Steel LH £3.95
  MB86SR Rr Bumper Infill S/Steel RH £3.95
MB88 MB88L Window Channel LH £20.90
  MB88R Window Channel RH £20.90
MB89 MB89 S/S Retainer For Door Seal £12.71
MB90 MB90L B Post Assy LH £42.45
  MB90R B Post Assy RH £42.45